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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueSanta View Post
    Trade down theories are nice, but it isn't that easy. You need a team willing to trade up and give you what you want. Until that happens it is just fantasy.
    Don't want to get into a pointless discussion here but its funny how lots of members here keep saying isn't easy to find a trading partner to trade up or down and every single year ( with facts actually ) there's a new record for trades . Agree that it takes two for tango but I see it quite easy to make a trade.
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    Quote Originally Posted by miked1958 View Post
    Kids got tremendous raw talent and we wouldn't need him to jump right in and start
    After the season we just had, you think it's a good idea to trade back and use our first pick of the draft on a project who might not start or get beat out at camp? I don't think I could watch football this year if we made this move.
    Plus, we do need someone to jump right in and start because we really have no proven talent to take some of the heat off Cruz.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Carter.525 View Post
    He's mocked to the Ravens (#17) and Dolphins (#19) a lot.. That's a small window to trade back, but it's possible

    If all the Giants top guys are gone.. Martin is a good fall back plan
    I would be willing to take that chance. Martin is a late first to early second rounder to me. I honestly don't see much of a difference between him and Joel Bitonio from Nevada.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tdawg1413 View Post
    I would be willing to take that chance. Martin is a late first to early second rounder to me. I honestly don't see much of a difference between him and Joel Bitonio from Nevada.
    I won't pretend to have my own opinion on this as I don't watch a lot of college ball and lack the knowledge to know exactly what I'm looking at even when I do watch but, based on what I've read, the consensus is that Martin will be someone you can throw at guard and watch him do well for a decade. He has the added bonus of being versatile like Pugh.

    If I can get him and a second rounder for our 12th pick, I'm happy. Relying on Snee or The Bully will make me sad. Snee bouncing back to pro bowl form for a year with Martin ready to step in will make me happy again.

    From what I've read, (again, I don't know one way or the other) we can get a possible year one starter at WR or TE in the second round (TE more likely). We do that and have Martin, we have a much better run game with Jennings. Better run game will equal a bounce back year for Eil. That coupled with improved defense and we are super bowl bound (of course).

    My biggest concern with the above scenario is finding a replacement for Tuck - can we get a DE who can apply a little pressure while still stopping the run with the extra second or post June 1st cuts?

    All that being said, I prefer Evans at 12 and the above as a fall-back.

    To G-man Surge: I agree that some of us are missing the point of discussing this scenario but I think you go too far in saying it would be "easy" to trade down. If Evans isn't an option, I can only hope there are players the Giants don't want that someone else does so the Giants have a partner. Esay - probably not. But not a fantasy either.

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