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Well, the Mets are not that bad this year. They are actually winning some games.

Boomer, I had a C-section when I had my daughter, and it is not an easy thing to recuperate from. To suggest a woman have this surgery unnecessarily, is easy if you don't have to go through it yourself.
any man that says a woman should have a c section

needs to be punched in the face 20 or so times.

now on to the mets

I said it last years and Ill say it again

Granderson is nothing more than an Ike Davis at this point in his carrer

and yet they gave him 60M so he can continue to deteriorate until he hits 37


My dad still laughs when he sees Granderson in Mets blue and orage (dads a 2nd gen yankee fan, so he knows a bit about Granderson)