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Im not a Red sox fan How can you keep crying Roids Ortiz. Clemmons , Knoblock, Aroid, 2 WS. Wonder why Tex has a different Injury every day at 34. be Realistic

We all know about the Yankees issues with Steroids as they are pointed out and focused on all the time. Yankees players get exposed while Sox players are hidden from the truth. Ortiz is a roider, I have 100% no doubt about it, and he gets away with it. IT has been floated around several times by players not naming him directly ("Red Sox should look in their own clubhouse" and "They treat a guy like he is king of their city"). Arod is a ******, Tex probably used, but Ortiz singlehandedly won the Sox 3 WS basically off his power swing and got popped in that 2003 report, and is not an ideal image for a role model with his crying and phone smashing and cursing... Ortiz is an asshat who gets away with whatever he wants. Free Pass Papi. Its pretty obvious.