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Thread: DE in the first round?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jomo View Post
    I know it seems like the movie Groundhog Day but we may be looking at a DE again in the 1st round.
    JPP coming off another injury and Kiwi in the final year of his contract, Moore showing speed but not enough strength last year and a little spindly for the position.

    No matter what our 1st pick is shaping up as an OT, DE or TE I think.
    Perhaps if a game changing WR is available we might go there as well.

    It still feels like a DE or OT to me.

    You never know with JR's affinity for pass rusher but I do feel there's more value or BPA in other positions with the 12th pick.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigBlueBoricua View Post
    I will supress my opinion until the proof is revealed in a court of law. If he truly did this, then let him burn, because there is no forgiveness because I am also a parent. I read the police reports, why was he not arrested ? Never was he arrested. This kid all his life only had a few parking/speeding tickets and comes from a very decent grounded family. All I can say is that I will not judge, that is what the courts are for.
    Except that when I asked you a few posts ago if you would want this guy on your team IF it turns out that he actually did what he was alleged to have done
    you said "Yes".

    Quite obviously, if he didn't actually do it, then there is no issue.

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