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    Question Will Perry Fewell play more press coverage this season now that we are better suited?

    DRC is more comfortable in man coverage, as is Prince and just about everyone in our secondary. They all prefer to play physical and get their hands on receivers to disrupt their timing at the LOS. They players have echoed this for years but Fewell continues to have them sit off with soft coverage.

    Webster was a better press corner and I believe the players even questioned the scheme at times with all of the zone.

    No doubt the Cromartie signing has to have Fewell thinking about adjusting his coverages. He's a physical presence on the outside. Now we have two physical outside corners(yes, Prince is physical) along with Thurmond in the slot. That's a very physical group and I hope Perry is advantageous this season and utilizes his personnel accordingly.

    I have mixed feelings about Fewell. One game he can call an ABSOLUTE masterful gem(Packers, Patriots in Foxboro to name a few).... just outright genius schemes... and then the next game you're left shaking your head in disbelief. I was one of his biggest supporters the minute he was hired as our new DC. It seemed he got more out of his lack of talent in Buffalo then he has with our defense at times which is always baffling.

    Out secondary should no doubt be a position of strength for us this season. I hope Fewell is licking his chops with all of his toys.
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