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I dont think both Demps and Holliday make it. One is strictly a PR and the other a KR. thats 2 roster spots for very little return. Demps has more experience on D so he might have a better chance. Holliday has done nothing as a WR is his career. both signed 1 yr minimum deals so no guarantee they make the roster and can be cut.
Assuming the Giants add a WR in the NFL draft in the first 3 rounds, then going with 6 WR's would not be unheard of. Right now they only have 5. The Giants have carried 6 WR's many times under Coughlin. Demps, Hill, Taylor, Rolle and Brown are the Safeties and carrying 5 Safeties is much less likely than carrying 6 WR's based on Coughlin's track record.