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    We got to see him a bit in the pre-season but its unclear how far he's been able to advance after a year of pro ball. It will be interesting to watch what he is able to do during this year's pre-season. My hope is that he will be able to assume the duties as Eli's primary backup, replace is a bit much for me to wrap my head around right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueBeast88 View Post
    I mean if Eli went down with an injury next season or had another horrible season would you be ok with nassib taking the reigns ??
    I think it is way to early to even try to predict how well Nassib might do as a starter, we haven't seen enough of him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Harooni View Post
    exactly , he didnt mean i hope he never plays because he sucks. lol smh at some of these fans thinking you draft knowing a guy isnt very good. you scout and you hope that player can rise up and develope into a starter one day , no matter the position or the round.
    There is some indication that Nassib can be an NFL QB. He has had one season to learn the system and now we are making some serious changes to that. Does that mean a set back? Hopefully not.

    McAdoo has his work cut out for him. He's never called a game before, he is mixing old and new offensive schemes and, by the way, he's never run an offense before. NOW, we are turning over more than 50% of the roster, and it has to be done. And with all of this upheaval, I still see light at the end of the tunnel. They have made, IMO, judicious use of the CAP and have brought in some pieces that should fit the puzzle nicely.

    We also seem to think replacing Eli means a mirror image and that's just not the case. He needs to be replaced, at the appropriate time, with someone who can run the offense..
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    Nassib and me

    Oh man am I ever confident. How could I not be he was drafted by Reese, Coughlin said he has a future, he has shown so much, he has played above NFL level expectations, he will be the Giants' greatest all-time QB. He will fit the new offesne with his ability to throw short accurate passes as he develops his arm and accuracy for downfield shots. Oh, man, oh, man, am I confident. How could you even ask, or doubt? Oh, He was drafted as a project for the future. He was wworth the shot at where he was drafted. Other than that, we know what we don't know and that is we don't know.BTW does it make one bit of difference to the FO if we're comfortable with Nassib, or not?Also who would have be the BU Painter or Nassib? Does that make a difference? I'll take Nassib at this point and we all mayy have to after training camp

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    I'm super confident, this kid is clearly a future HOFer

    Lol seriously though, how can anyone be confident? I'm not even confident he can hold the clipboard yet

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    We really have nothing to go off of yet.

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    No idea. The Giants didnt use him when they should have last year.
    ZERO quality wins the last 2 seasons. Major changes are needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoanokeFan View Post
    We don't know yet if that's who he is. We should get some sense of that this pre-season
    Exactly. Although, he may also see some reg. season work as well (hopefully in blowouts where we are on the better end of the score)

    Mara made it a point to bring him up so they at least want to find out.....because you dont trade up for a QB when you still have a franchise guy....unless your thinking he might be a decent replacement (or decent trade chip)

    I myself, would prefer to have Bryce Petty in next years draft but we need to find out what we have in Nassib first.

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    No one knows because we haven't seen anything. We are going to see a lot of him this upcoming preseason and you can take that to the bank.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheAnalyst View Post
    No idea. The Giants didnt use him when they should have last year.
    Agree with this 100%.
    Close or you hit the bricks

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