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Thread: Geno Atkins, Vernon Davis, or Alshon Jeffrey? Who Would You Rather Have On This Team

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    Geno Atkins or Alshon Jeffrey

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    Quote Originally Posted by nycsportzfan View Post
    Geno Atkins and its not really close, with what we have on our team right now. Jeffery would be 2nd and Davis 3rd.
    How can you say that when our TE position was awful last year?
    Should the Giants fire Gilbride....


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    Quote Originally Posted by Eliscruzzz View Post
    How can you say that when our TE position was awful last year?
    Because our passrush can also be nonexistant. An elite passrusher will have always more value than a TE.

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    When I was saying BPA, I am saying whoever the Giants have as listed BPA at that time of their pick. If its EVANS, EBRON, DONALD

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    Geno atkins. no discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by strahantuck1 View Post
    I think that's a fair way of breaking down the upside of drafting Aaron Donald, Eric Ebron, or Mike Evans.
    Is take them in order you posed the question, although Vernon might be great in our new look offense (have to wait and see what it looks like )

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