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    If you had to pick one QB?

    If you had to pick one QB for the giants to draft, realistically, who would it be and in what round? Not necessarily your favorite QB prospect.

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    None in round 12

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    Well, if I HAD to pick one in the first, I'd take Bridgewater. I'm unfamiliar with Bortles, but I think Bridgewater still has a lot of tools you'd want from an NFL starter.

    I would have taken Mettenberger as our backup last season when his stock was at its lowest. I think this QB class is comparable to last year's which was pretty wretched to begin with.

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    Don't like the QBs this year. Eli should have better protection n weapons and hopefully Nassib looks good in preseason.
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    7. Billy Brown WR Shepherd

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    I'm not overly interested in drafting a qb, just wanted to see who people valued in this class. I'm not fond of this qb class.

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    If Nassib wasn't in the picture and the Giants had to draft a QB then I would want them to draft Bortles or maybe McCarron.
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    I like Jimmy Garoppolo from Eastern Illinois ideally in the 3rd round but it looks as though he is probably going to go in the 2nd round.

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    AJ McCarron in round 5. Katherine Webb in the stands wearing a Giants jersey that's worth all the picks right there!

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    Logan Thomas as a 6th round pick and/or UDFA addition wouldn't upset me. Could be a potential long term reward or most likely just a PS QB to use to simulate certain QBs. If we were to gamble and lose on a QB, I'd at least want it to be a guy with physical measurables.

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    Derek Carr will be the best value in this class where ever he goes, cause he's gonna be the best QB in the draft

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