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Thread: If you had to pick one QB?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheEnigma View Post
    Logan Thomas as a 6th round pick and/or UDFA addition wouldn't upset me. Could be a potential long term reward or most likely just a PS QB to use to simulate certain QBs. If we were to gamble and lose on a QB, I'd at least want it to be a guy with physical measurables.
    this is the best answer..

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    Aaron Murray Georgia, really liked him last season the combo with Tavrees King. Mc Carron i liked but will probably be another Greg Mc Elroy from the Jets. But i'm most excited to see how Manziel pans out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bones911 View Post
    AJ McCarron in round 5. Katherine Webb in the stands wearing a Giants jersey that's worth all the picks right there!
    Amen to that!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 0 Blue Meanie 0 View Post
    I like Jimmy Garoppolo from Eastern Illinois ideally in the 3rd round but it looks as though he is probably going to go in the 2nd round.
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