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Thread: Pick your bust

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toadofsteel View Post
    Manziel. RG3 and Tebow all over again...
    How are Tebow and RGIII in any way the same?

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    Manziel could be the next white michael vick lol

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    Gotta go with Kate Upton's!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Non QB I would probably say Eric Ebron. But QB included Manziel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by egyptian420 View Post
    So who do you think is the biggest overrated potential bust in this year's first round of the draft?

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    Teddy Bridgewater

    I tend to play devil's advocate -- there isn't a greater irritation to me than mob-like opinions without consideration toward an alternative or, at the very least, an effort to approach a significant topic with an unpopular perspective. - Josh Kirkendall

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    Im expecting Manziel to bust. Some are saying Clowney could but I dont see him busting hard. I think there is a good chance he might just wind up like a Mario Williams.....just shy of great.

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    Lewan.... His off the field record will kill him.

    As for play on the field, Ill let you know after the draft.

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    - Blake Bortles. I think he's a 2nd round pick.
    - Morgan Moses
    - Hasean Clinton-Dix

    - Kelvin Benjamin (Boom/bust to be specific)

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    Quote Originally Posted by TCHOF View Post
    How are Tebow and RGIII in any way the same?
    Guys that can run the ball and have a good arm, but lacking in quarterbacking fundamentals and need to have offenses custom-designed around them to function in the NFL.

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