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    April Mock Draft

    1st Round: Anthony Barr, OLB/DE UCLA

    Anthony Barr is probably one of my favourite players in the draft. He had incredible production, and as the hype get around some players he seems to be staying at our range. He had a "poor" combine, but had a very good pro-day which only re-state what he is capable off. We will play a joker role, I believe that he can be strong influence lined up at the 5 technique outside. He also possesses the speed to cover and to beat OT of the edge. POTENTIAL great potential.

    2nd Round: Marcus Martin, C USC

    It is time that we get a solid starting centre. I believe that we still need a centre after J.D Walton, and Martin is a great option in the second round. Again not a sexy pick but we fill a great need and open up lines for Jennings and possibly Wilson.

    3rd Round: Jared Abbrederis, WR Wisconsin

    Yes I had to research his name, but he is one of the most polished route runners in this draft. We got guys that can take the top in Cruz and Randle, but I'm a believer of someone with a solid route running and hands.

    4th Round: Yamin Smallwood, ILB UCONN

    In my opinion he can do everything, he will be learning from a great LB in Beason. He can rush the passer, cover and tackle. Needs to be more polished, but it is a better athlete than Skov and Borland.

    5th Round: A.C. Leonard TE, Tennessee State

    Unbelievable athlete and had pretty fluid routes after I watched him at the combined. His hands seemed strong and somewhat natural, as he caught two very difficult balls in two drills at the combine, but dropped a couple I believe. As a 5th round pick he might be able to get in those late downs longer yardage situations.

    5th Round: Storm Johnson, RB UCF

    Mr. Can do everything in my opinion he will be a steal in the 5th round. People didn't get much of him since he was a one year starter, but he is big enough to run in between the tackles. Has the speed to bounce outside. Good pass catcher.

    6th Round: George Uko, DT USC

    A underclassmen who should have stayed in school. Uko is more of a developmental prospect who can do a little bit of everything. Good use of hands, but can be unaware of where blockers are. Good swim move, but only move used.
    Post Week 1 FA

    1st Round: Mike Evans, WR Texas A&M
    2nd Round: Kyle Van Noy, LB BYU
    3rd Round: C.J. Fiedorowicz, TE Iowa
    4th Round: Jackson Jeffcoat DE, Texas
    5th Round: Aaron Colvin, CB Oklahoma
    6th Round: Zack Kerr, DT Delaware

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    Barr would be a solid first round, Martin is a stud the rest well yawn...

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    Rounds 2,3 and 5 are great picks. I have us taking Storm in the 5th in my mock as well. I'm not a big fan of Barr. I think we are going Zach Martin in the first. If Beatty or Snee aren't ready Martin Get's plugged into the line.

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    poo poo Barr..

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    No way can I justify picking a 3-4 outside linebacker over an offensive lineman or a receiver in the first round.

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    we already have Moore (undersized DE / OLB type).. why add another?

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    The way I see it, we already have Barr on the roster in the form of Moore, as well as Donald in the form of Jenkins. We need a good receiving weapon to add to the mix to take the pressure off Cruz. Ebron, most likely, although if Evans falls to 12 somehow we could take him too...

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    Whatever [Tom Quinn] says to keep a near decade long job has to be truly inspirational for him not to be working at IKEA right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carter.525 View Post
    we already have Moore (undersized DE / OLB type).. why add another?
    Like why add JPP when they already have Osi tuck and kiwi?

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    Quote Originally Posted by slipknottin View Post
    Like why add JPP when they already have Osi tuck and kiwi?
    cause we're a 4-3 team.. so 4-3 DEs make sense

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carter.525 View Post
    we already have Moore (undersized DE / OLB type).. why add another?
    This attitude I don't get.
    We won 2 SB's with the attitude "you can never have enough pass rushers".....

    Now we are going to abandon that? Barr would be a great choice for us.
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