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Thread: Favorite Giants game?

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    So nice to be an old guy! December 30, 1956! Yankee Stadium. Cold, really cold, day! First game I ever went to. World Championship. Connerly, Gifford, Triplett,Tunnell, Patton, Grier, Robustelli, Katkavage, Modzelewski, etc., etc., etc.! What a wonderful game to see and have the G-Men crush the Bears
    47-7! Before that I'd first, listen to the games (pre TV, 1947) with my Dad who'd just returned from the Navy in WWII! Then on TV and finally to the stadium to see my hero's in person! With the exception of 1958 and 1959 (US Air Force in Japan), I've been to at least one or more games every year but that's still the one I'll always remember!

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    The 1990 NFC championship against the mighty 49ers. That game had it all. I still remember Garry Reasons pull the fake punt, and running the ball for a crucial first down. And of course, one has to talk about Leornard Marshall putting the finishing touch to Joe Montana's San Francisco career. There were so many other moments; like Taylor's fumble recovery, and Hostetler's fantastic performance. That game is one that every Giants fan should watch if they are too young to have seen it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by titwio View Post
    Yeah, Carl Banks was the unsung hero of that game. He was phenomenal.
    To par phrase John madden...those playoffs might have been the best games he'd ever seen a linebacker play
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    really miss LT!! DAMN!

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    When we won the Superbowls

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    It would be easy to say any playoff or Super Bowl game but I have 2

    1. First game in Jerry Jones house

    2. 2008 Game against the panthers were Ward went for 200+

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    Spikes Lee

    Good call! Season ticket holder until the PSL'S, been to a lot of games, this one ranks top five.

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    This one wasn't bad !
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    Favorite game is probably SB 42. However, I have a soft spot for the 98 game when the Giants stopped Denver's undefeated season.

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    The last game of the season in 1981 when the Giants beat the Cowboys in overtime and made the playoffs for the first time in 18 years. The crowd was maybe the loudest ever (with the possible exception of the 1986 NFC Championship game vs Skins) and I remember everyone, on the way out, chanting "Let's go Jets", because the Giants still needed the Jets to beat the Pack to get into the playoffs.

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