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Thread: Evans, Ebron and Lewan leading so far on my fav draft sites...

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    Quote Originally Posted by RagTime Blue View Post
    I'll tell you one thing, as far as slam-dunks in getting starting-quality talent, I don't think there's too many players who are as sure-thing as Martin. I like the idea, and would fully support the pick from the moment it's announced.

    Imagine having two guys as versatile and capable as Pugh and Martin on the same line. . .really opens doors in my book.
    We think alike.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gibril28wilson View Post
    cant go trading down targeting a specific player. the draft is too unpredictable to do that. you never know who would draft him before you or who could possibly trade up to get him before you.

    only way you trade down is if you're not sold on anyone at where you're picking and you have a few choices of who you'd want later. a team should NEVER trade down targeting one specific player
    I agree, but I would not take him at 12 nor would I be upset if he is off the board after we traded.

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