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Thread: Giants reach out to Matt Flynn

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harooni View Post
    well i think it

    also age and contract that has the giants looking to prepare for the future. but i agree these guys are for camp. to have a 3rd qB
    It's definitely time for the team to make plans for the next QB, which they started with Nassib, whether he's THE GUY or not. I just see these things as separate events at the moment. I am hoping by 2015 we have a clear indication of how much longer they realistically see Eli behind center.
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    Quote Originally Posted by glassgiant View Post
    All this extra qb attention is because Eli's contract is coming up to the end of his contract and if he doesn't make it to a level of play that currently warrents paying him manning money the gmen will move on. If he doesn't produce and limit the turn overs they offer him what they deem fair he probably turns it down to make more money elsewhere and the giants are left looking for a qb. They are well aware that eli can get them to 8-8 or 9-7 which is not enough for playoffs and not bad enough to draft the best qb so all this is insurance.
    if Eli doesn't limit the turnovers and show a lot more then they shouldn't offer him anything and make plans to move on...

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