[quote user="weeds123"][quote user="TroyArcher"][quote user="weeds123"]I have. Without the benefit of a milking machine too. Can probably still hit a barn cat from 20 feet...I've shoveled a lot of manure also which prepares me for responding to your post. Be careful, junior, I'm not your run-of-the-mill huckleberry.

Why do you guys wear Cheese on your head? It seems kind of silly to me.[/quote]

As gawd herself is my witness Troy, that is one spot-on question. The rationale behind the whole danged thing is that "Cheesehead" is a derisive term that F.I.B.'s use when referring to a Wisconsin resident. (An F.I.B. is a "F---in' Illinois Bas**rd). There isn't much love lost between the two states. We in Wisconsin however know that the only thing separating a Cheesehead from a d**khead, is ... the state line.

In any event, some guy in the southern part of the state devised this 'cheesehead' thing and made a small fortune doing so. More power to him, I love the free enterprise system -- after all, he's a "job creator". So, the damned things are heavy and when worn inside the stadium block lines of sight ... and mess up hair. The network cameras however eat that kitschy crap up ... and that's what hit the airwaves. Sorta like how they always manage to put the cameras on the scantily clad cheerleaders...

Yeah, I've never, nor will I EVER find the 'cheesehead' acceptable enough to wear ... even in the stadium. Has NOTHING to do with the game and therefore, I'm not interested -- I also believe that "cheerleaders" should not be allowed in an NFL stadium -- hell, they're actually professional dancers looking to be discovered... there's my rant.

You're up.

Look Weeds, the bottom line is this.....
15-2 is still a really good record. Something to be proud of..
I am sure those boys from LSU are proud of that NCAA Best 13-1 Record and that SEC Title they won.

Next week when you are talking Draft Picks you can hang your Hat on the fact that you guys were the last team to be undefeated this season (just like LSU) and won your div title going Away (hey, like LSU again!!!) and clinched the best record and HomeField throughout the playoffs. Those are some great accomplishments and nothing to be ashamed of.

It happens...like (LSU beat Bama by 3pts during season) the Tigers the team already beat by 3points in regular season is just a bad matchup for you. Of all the teams to draw in your first game you get a bunch of guys hell bent are proving to the world that the first game was actually won by NY ( bad thing for LSU was Bama felt they won that first game as well) and will stop at nothing to show who the better team is this time around. (I think Bama proved its point, as matter of fact LSUs team is still stuck in NewOrleans. Someone painted a 50yard line in front of their Buses and they just can't seem to Cross it)

Would have been better if you met falcons, Lions or Saints...sorry. Look on the bright side. No matter who wins the SB they still won't have better record then 15-2.. And that is something to sing about round the camp fire, HEAR.....lol

Giants by 21 been saying it all week..
38-17 NY