Never listen or read any of the draft experts when they say who the Giants will pick. When were they right? JPP in the first round, or take Prince...who saw that happening? What I think would be the best for the Giants would be Vontaze Burfict...we need a crazy backer who will make a difference quick. He big he is nasty and we need that. I know we need O-linemen, but we need linebackers quick. Goff is not gonna cut it. Burfict would be that "head-case" that we need, only if they can contain him from being stupid when the play is over. Second, Lamar Miller from the U. Great speed and since Jacobs is gone after the season is over we need a running back. Third go for O-linemen. fill in the little holes. Tell me what you to here from you guys maybe go back and forth with some great football talk. Giants rule...I'm out.