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The Knicks personel decisions are just baffling. Even a novice hoops fan would know building a team around 2 offensive forwards isnt going to work. You cant bank on 2 guys to put up 60 a night combined without exceptional defense and rebounding players around them is insane. A monumental chemistry failure.

Neither Melo or Amari are guys id want to be the cornerstone of my team. Melo is full of himself, hogs the ball and is a lazy defender and Amari is a walking injury (still one of my favorite players even when he was in Pheonix though). Its a shame because if he were durable he could have been one of the all time great forwards. Melo could have been too if he had worked to hecome a complete player but despite being an often brilliant scorer I dont think his legacy will stand the test of time once he calls it a career. If I had to pick one I would have built around AS because he is a better team player. Melo is not a guy I can see leading a team to a ring.

Also, neither of them belongs in a fast paced offense.

Chandler was never a guy I considered a true starting center. He is a good defender and can contribute a bit on the scoreboard but just doesnt have the strength to be a consistent presense in the paint. To me he is a valuable utility player but not a starter.

Its terrible how defense and team play has become such a lost art in the NBA now. Most of these teams built with pros who have a one on one street ball mentality would get embarrased by the old school championship squads that played team ball as it was meant. Ball control and defense should be the top priority of any basketball team, and in any sport for that matter. You can r***le d***le all you like but the way to win is to control the tempo of the game instead of a scoring race. I have two young cousins that play ball in school and local youth leagues and I always stress defense and solid passing to them first and foremost.

I played 2 years of HS ball and despite being possibly the worst shooter in the history of the game I always had a spot in the rotation by being a tenacious defender. It boggles my mind that so many millionaire pros neglect such a basic neccessity of the game like that.
+1M awesome post, well wrote!!!

(I agree with you 100% about (healthy/ in his prime) STAT over Melo as cornerstones...and 125% about Chandler.)

you guys watching Portland?

Aldridge is a beast, pure scorer and Lilliard is the kind of PG I'd love...ironically Lopez is as soft as Chandler...but their bench is more productive then what we had.