[quote user="ShockeyShow"][quote user="elitime"]Taking another CB two years in a row? Thomas must be signed, but there are a bunch a free agent CB and S out there after the seaon. I know the Giants don;t really make huge waves in the free agent market but I think to pick another CB and groom them to be a starter its hit and miss, Flowers and Carr from KC were looking like 2 of the best but this season not so much. Those kind of postion players are hard to have an everyday count on him player.Webster,Thomas Prince, Rolle,KP, when all are heathly could be top DB field in NFL. O-line a must and Linebackers are a huge need. Remember Taylor, Pepper, Banks, Reasons? Wish we could have backers like that again. Imagine the way our front 4 are then 1 or 2 linebackers that can play up to the front 4 level. Wow! Maybe a pipe dream but it's a dream.[/quote]

I couldnt agree more. We have much more pressing needs at MLB and OLine. We should wait a ccouple years to draft a sure-thing at db like Tyrann Mathieu from LSU and spend our picks on some big time LBs like Upashaw, Hightower or Burfict[/quote]

Mathieu will never get drafted by the giants. He's a midget at 5'9 probably more like 5'8 and he got abused in the national championship game because of his size.