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Thread: Under my skin

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    Under my skin

    I couldnt help but notice the way the Packers fans blog about this game. Since when did the Packers become the Eagles? I'm at the point where I just want to see the Giants win just to shut them up!

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    Re: Under my skin

    I have to guess there are a lot of hangers-on because the Packer fanbase is amongst the classiest.
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    Re: Under my skin

    [quote user="SweetZombieJesus"]I have to guess there are a lot of hangers-on because the Packer fanbase is amongst the classiest.

    As much as I hate tagging anything "classy" ... I'll agree with you Sweet in that the 'hangers-on' irritate the living hell out of me too ... an irritant roughly similar to consuming a bad laxative.

    There are a lot of blowholes that hit the internet these days and I have a nagging notion that many of them are of what I call the ESPN generation...everyone HAS to be controversial...everyone HAS to have that one SINGLE observation that seems to have eluded the mainstream media (and they're a story in and of themselves). Seems to always be a matter of who can yell their opinion the loudest.

    One thing I'm reasonably sure of, a good number of those "irritants" aren't residents of north eastern Wisconsin. By and large, that is not how we're built. So be it, we can't control drunk people who decide they want to blog.

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    Re: Under my skin

    My guess is some disgruntled Eagles & Cowboys fans in disguise.

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    Re: Under my skin

    Unfortunately when you win a SB you get 'em. We had plenty of our own for a good year after 07. After we flopped in 08 most toddled back under their rocks looking for the next champ to be a fan of and strangely enough they are usually the most outspoken on things they know pretty much nothing about.

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