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I made this thread because there was a Tiki thread a few days ago where I stated he was "The best offensive weapon to wear a Giants uniform". A couple of guys countered and said Mqark bavaro and Frank Gifford were better offensive weapons than Tiki.

I promptly posted stats to prove otherwise and guys did not back up their opinions with facts. Guys instead chose to talk about what a leader Gifford was, yada yada yada.... So I download 2 Giants championships from the 60's and I was not very impressed when comparing to the football that I grew up watching.

So let me start this debate up once again and hopefully people use logic and not emotion as people seem to be very sore over Tiki retiring. So since guys ran from the facts last time, allow me to start up the debate again.

Tiki leads Bavaro and Gifford in every stat that matters to an offensive player. TD's, Rec's and Yards From Scrimmage.

Now please tell me who have you seen in a Giants uniform better than Tiki.
How many playoff wins did we have with Tiki? That chirping sound you hear is crickets. Tiki can't hold Joe Morris's jock strap. Morris had over 20 TD's in their Super Bowl season. Everyone in the building knew Morris was gonna run between the left tackle and left guard and still couldn't stop him.