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    This is a messy topic. One would have to break it down by era or generation, in order to do it any degree of justice.
    This era: Eli and Cruz
    The 2000s: Tiki and Eli
    The 1990s: Hampton over
    The 1980s: Bavaro over Simms

    Overall: Eli beats Bavaro in my books, as he produced some incredible championship runs that will never be denied. Bavaro was a beast who could do it all, but it can be argued that he played in an era when the TE was mainly a run blocker first and a receiver only when needed. Tiki was incredible, but I believe that a healthy Hampton was a better player... but then again, that is just my opinion.

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    ^^^ I would put joe Morris over Bavarro in the 80's

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roswell777 View Post
    Wow it's nice to see my favorite player when I was growing up, Joe Morrison, get some well deserved recognition.

    That said, the word best is what causes all these questions. Most versatile? Morrison. Most productive? Barber. Most explosive? Jacobs. Most reliable? Bavaro. Most clutch? Manning. Most focused? Simms. Most dangerous? Meggett. Most courageous? Hilliard. Toughest? Snee, Suebert. Most annoying? Shockey and Burress.

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    Eli....is the best AND the worst I have seen.
    But of course he is not alone at the top. Tiki, Hampton, Bavaro, Toomer, Simms and certainly a handful of olinemen.
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    I would say Tiki.... If he would have stayed around a year or 2 longer he's probably a hall of famer. I'd agrue that for a while he looked like the most complete RB since Marshal Faulk.
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    I didn't read the whole thread but I'm going to go Tiki. At his peak, he just gobbled up chunks of yards. It was amazing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jomo View Post
    It is hard for me to get the word Plax out of my mouth but let me say that his playoff game performance in Green Bay was right up there with Simms' SB performance for the most dominant game ever by a Giant.
    Hard to argue that point. Certainly one of the all-time great games by a Giant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aufidius View Post
    The best NYG offensive player I've ever seen is Tiki Barber.

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    It's good to see Tiki get lots of votes after being really disliked so intensely. Time does heal all wounds.

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    Last season it was Josh Brown. He was responsible for most of the scoring.

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