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    im a younger fan i was a huge fan of shockey.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ironfox View Post
    im a younger fan i was a huge fan of shockey.
    If you saw Shockey, then you also saw Tiki at his best and it's not even close!!

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    Personally I'd have to go with Tiki Barber... He made me love the running back position and is what made me be one in hs...

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    Based on results, Eli is the best offensive weapon. Got it done when it needed to be done

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    New York Giants franchise records

    Currently held by tiki

    Longest Touchdown Run: 95 yards, December 31, 2005 vs. the Oakland Raiders
    Most Rushing Attempts, Season: 357, 2005 season
    Most Rushing Attempts, Career: 2,217
    Most 100 Yard Games, Season: 9, 2004 season
    Most 200 Yard Games, Season: 3, 2005 season
    Most Rushing Yards, Single Game: 234 yards, December 30, 2006 vs. the Washington Redskins
    Most Rushing Yards, Season: 1,860 yards, 2005 season
    Most Rushing Yards, Career: 10,449 yards
    Most Total Yards, Season: 2,390 yards, 2005 season
    Most 1,000 Yard Seasons: 6
    Yards Per Carry, Career: 4.7
    Most Total Yards, Game: 276 (203 rushing yards, 73 receiving yards), December 28, 2002 vs. the Philadelphia Eagles
    Most Total Yards (Rushing, Receiving, Returns and Fumble Yardage), Career: 17,359
    Most Yards From Scrimmage (Rushing and Receiving), Career: 15,632
    Highest Average 100+ yards from scrimmage per game, Career (min: 150 games): 101.5
    Most Fumble Recoveries, Game: 3, October 29, 2000 vs. the Philadelphia Eagles

    Quote Originally Posted by nhpgiantsfan View Post
    This post should end the discussion...
    Playoff wins: NONE

    Super Bowl Wins: NONE

    That ends the discussion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GmanSenior View Post
    Playoff wins: NONE

    Super Bowl Wins: NONE

    That ends the discussion.
    That in and of itself doesn't end the discussion.

    What does is the fact that we won a Super Bowl against an 18-0 team THE VERY YEAR AFTER HE RETIRED. It's not like we had to wait for a new era to emerge.

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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    By R J Knott2:

    Personally, I think the Best Giant offensive weapons


    You forgot Tittle. He gets inserted between Tiki and Eli. (Unless you aren't old enough to have seen YA.) Had he played with today's protection of QBs and WRs he would have been awesome.

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    I begrudgingly agree that Tiki is number one. But I'm surprised Rodney Hampton isn't getting any love. For a few years he was it. The other team knew Rodney was getting the ball because there was no where else to go with it and he still got his yards.

    He was my favorite player of the 90's.

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    F the numbers

    anyone who watched Joe Morrison knows that he was the most useful, versatile, and dedicated player to wear a NY Giant uniform

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