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    Eli is one of the most inaccurate passers in the NFL. He has a strong arm which works out when his receivers are downfield and wide open. When he is throwing into coverage, he gets into trouble with over/under throws. He tends to lob a wobbly ball rather than throw at tight spiral. Where it lands is anyone's guess. Nicks used to be able to get under the ball and catch anything he could reach. When he injured his legs he couldn't get to the bad throws. Eli's accuracy has improved over the years, however he needs a qb coach who can work with him on his mechanics. When he is focused he managed to win 2 SBs. Even then a lot of credit belongs to the defense and his receivers. He has had a lot of good quality receivers over the course of his career and with his errant throws has gotten a lot of them injured.
    He used to be a good 4th quarter and 2 minute drill qb. This is when defenses tend to go to prevent defenses and back off on the blitzes. Opposing teams seem to have figured that out and put more pressure on Eli. Although he looks in control under pressure, his performance definitely suffers. It didn't help last year when his oline went south.

    I hope with McAdoo we see improvement in Eli with better mechanics, timing and focus. A quicker snap count would be a plus!

    Our receivers are only as good as the balls that are thrown to them. Not every receiver has Nicks' hands. I believe Randle is a good receiver for where he is used. He is not a downfield speedster. We could use one from the draft.
    Not to turn this into an Eli thread but one of the most inaccurate in the league?? Are you kidding me? When he's on and actually has a team around him he's one of the more accurate qbs I've ever seen. Remember the back shoulder throws we used to work like it was our day job? That throw requires an incredible amount of accuracy and he was cash on that play routinely for a long time till defenses stopped respecting our deep ball cause our receivers can't catch it (idk why we always dialed up randle/nicks) Eli is still cash most of the time on the deep throw, the dimes he drops down there regularly are nothing short of amazing.

    And we have a speedy deep threat with Cruz (mcadoo will use him right) what we lacked last year was a guy to go up and get the ball in traffic, randle and nicks had plenty of opps on deep balls last year and they dropped what seemed like every. single. one. of them
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