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    Quote Originally Posted by Antwuan View Post
    2014 season is really going to tell what we have in Rueben Randle.
    3rd year is the big one.. I hope

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    Quote Originally Posted by egyptian420 View Post
    I'm hoping McAdoo's system is easier for Randle to learn and operate in..... It seems like many of his mistakes last year were due to the complexity of Gilbride's scheme and his inability to comprehend it
    I think it will be a lot more of sure routes instead of the option routes where you really need to be on the same page as the QB.

    I think Randle would be a really good #2 but him being a #1 concerns me.. he would need to take a BIG leap forward

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    I think that the more normal offensive system will benefit everyone.

    Gilbride's offense was very complex and required the QB and receivers to be in perfect sync. When they were, it was unbeatable. when they weren't... well last season is a good example.

    With less complex sytem of having to read a defense and hoping the QB has the correct reading of your body language, and more regular timing and running a designated route more often, it should benefit him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by B&RWarrior View Post
    I'm not as concerned with the mental errors as I am with his lack of production in the latter half of the season. I expected his production to increase as the season progressed and he continued the learning process.
    I chalk that more up to the fact that he was essentially forced into the de facto #1 position too early... once teams realized Nicks was phoning it in, Randle got all the outside concentration...

    That fact in and of itself doesn't bode well for Randle's prospects as a true #1 receiver, but I can still hope he can learn how to deal with such looks as time goes on, and hopefully McAdoo's scheme can get Cruz the ball more and keep the safeties inside.

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    Addition by subtraction. With Nicks gone, its Randle's turn.

    He led the team in TDs last year, as a backup. I'm a big fan of TDs.

    I still think we need a studly TE to keep opposing defenses honest. Ebron...Ebron...Ebron...

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    I have confidence in Randle as a player, but not as a No. 1 WR on the outside. He still has to prove himself in that capacity.
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    Because he's a dummy who can't read a playbook

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    I think we are wanting him to be a number one receiver and many don't think he could live up to that. Well, that is a tall order and maybe this is unfair to ask this of him. Why can't Cruz be our number one and randle our number two? After all, compare their salaries.

    Most WRs need two years experience in the nfl before they get it. I'm expecting him to continue to improve.

    Besides: Randell, Cruz, Jernigan and Ebron look fine to me.

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    Randle was a 5 star recruit coming out of HS, #1 WR in the country at the time. His issue always seemed to be mental. Talent is there, IMHO, he has the best hands on the team.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jomo View Post
    Like all the other personnel discussions here, nothing would be better for us than RR taking the final step to being a stud WR. I just haven't seen enough from him to count on that.
    I am hoping the new OC has KISS as his foundation for the up-tempo offense he's bringing to the locker room
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