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    As fans we have nothing at stake in the NFL, regardless of how much we think we do. Having idiots and drug addicts on the team you root for is part of the game. It makes it more interesting, even if it is frustrating for us. But at the end of the day our paycheck comes and we go to work the next day. I feel sorry of young men like HIll who are pissing away a great life just to satisfy their drug cravings. If he blows this opportunity, his life after football is probably going to be a heck of a lot worse than mine. We see way too many guys leave the NFL and have there lives go to crap. But in reality it's just a curiousity of human life, and doesn't affect me one bit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JesseJames View Post
    giving up something that you love to do whether its a dependency or not is very hard for a lot of people, it doesn't
    matter what it is, whether its food or cigarettes or alcohol, there is a place for these people to go to get help without finding a way to punish them for doing something they obviously can't control by themselves. I'm as disappointed as anybody else with this issue with Hill but it could be that the guy can't beat this without help and throwing him off the team will just end his career but won't help the person at all
    Well said. As for "throwing him off the team won't help him," I agree and disagree.

    I agree because being removed from the NFL removes any incentive he might have otherwise had for staying clean, which isn't to say that he's been inclined to respond in accordance to that incentive. At any rate, it'll probably be carte blanche with respect to the weed habit if he's cut.

    I disagree because it could potentially serve as a wake-up call, and also because I feel -- and I could be wrong -- that you are implying that we keep him around because of some moral obligation to him. Hill's drug habit is causing NYG problems, even if it is indirectly. He's a talented player that would normally be a guy that Fewell would sit around and brainstorm ways to use him, but he's too unreliable to do that with any sense of assurance. His salary isn't a burden, but his dependability, or lack thereof, could (and probably will) be enough to do him in. I don't know how he is in the locker room, so no use speculating on that. Either way, I'm sure the Giants have been very firm in their instructions with Hill. If he fails to fulfill his end, adios, muchacho.

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    If he gets suspended and doesn't get paid what do we have to gain by cutting him now?
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    That's why they call it dope. 'Cause dopes use it.
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