With the hawks signing earl thomas to 10 mil a year and sherman to a soon to be 10-12 mil a year and RW3 to soon to be (at least) 18 mil a year thats $40 mil to 3 plays. Many of fans assume that's a huge problem. However, the seahawks realize that the salary cap is likely to break $150 mil in 2 years. resulting in an additional 17 million to sign their depth players. I think teams like the giants should look to lock up some young players now, so when the cap expands we'll have the young guys locked up at a below market rate which will allow us to sign other players. Had the hawks waited to do these extensions till all the contracts expired and the cap was at $150 they'd be paying earl thomas 12-14 mil a year, sherman 15 mil a year and RW3 23 mil year (at least). Point is the cap is going to create an additional 17 mil in space over 2 years...time to lock guys up so we can use that cash on oter players