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I'm thinking that the Giants may have some trade interest at 12 . Teams like the 49ers have a ton of picks and they would love a WR. If only 1 QB goes through the top 11 picks teams will be climbing all over themselves to get in front of the Rams to get Bortles. I think the Giants can get a swap of their 1 plus a 2 and 4 for their pick. Get a Lineman late in 1st and a TE and WR in the 2nd Center in the 3rd or 4th
to move up from 30 to 12 id hope theyd give a little more than a 2nd and 4th lol probably 2 2nds or a 2nd 3rd 6th something like that. wouldnt be cheap to move up 18 spots into the top 12 though