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    Report: Giants ‘Would Seriously Consider’ Johnny Manziel With 12th Pick

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    Draft Day = Silly Season

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    I don't see JR grabbing Manziel or any other QB if they're sitting there at No. 12.
    One of these teams is not like the others

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    Let's hope this is all just BS. The last thing we need is some Prima Dona QB shooting off his mouth in front of the NY media.

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    I refuse to believe we would be that stupid.

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    I think its BS. Giants could be putting it out there to try and trade down. If its not and they pick Manziel, Reese needs to be fired immediately.

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    I would seriously consider never watching football again

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    I laughed when this popped up on my phone. I'm so glad the day is finally here. The media ran out of things to make up weeks ago.

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    Report: Giants 'seriously' considering Johnny Manziel

    Report: Giants 'seriously' considering Johnny Manziel

    NFL Media's Mike Mayock predicts Johnny Manziel will tumble down the draft board to the Dallas Cowboys at No. 16, but at least one NFC East team might not let the Texas A&M quarterback get that far.

    If he falls to them at No. 12, the New York Giants reportedly would "seriously consider" drafting Manziel on Thursday night, a source told NJ.com.

    That's an intriguing and partially mystifying landing spot for Johnny Football, with two-time Super Bowl winner Eli Manning firmly entrenched as New York's franchise arm.

    Coming off ankle surgery, Eli has embarked on "some light throwing," according to his brother Peyton. With the Giants signal-caller determined to bounce back from a disastrous season that saw him toss a league-high 27 picks, Big Blue has been targeted as a team more likely to draft help at tight end, wide receiver or along the defensive line -- not under center.

    The Giants, under general manager Jerry Reese, have made a habit of sticking to their board and drafting the player they deem as the top talent available. Manziel doesn't fit an immediate need, but New York reportedly has spent the offseason pondering if Manning, at 33, has waltzed into the decline phase of his long career.

    It's also possible the Giants are floating this information out there to trigger a potential trade in the case that Manziel, indeed, falls. Fear not, friends, all this draft-buzz malarkey will soon give way to the truth on Thursday night.


    Writer- Marc sessler NFL.com

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    i highly doubt it. Likely trying to get a team like St Louis who picks right behind us to move up. I'm actually hoping Dallas picks him so JPP can break him in half

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