[quote user="flamethrower"][quote user="TroyArcher"]Your bullsh*it team is garbage outside the Dome. Your obnoxious head coach, defensive coordinator and QB can go home and dream of running up the stats next year.[/quote]
Still waiting for you to answer my simple questions. You claimed that the NFL was conspiring against the 49ers. Well Here is a big old plate of <font size="6"><font color="#FF0000">Crow<font size="3"><font color="#000000"> for you. And, the Crow resteraunt is having an All you can eat buffet just for you.* As far as the Number of holding penalties. Well they called only 1 penalty all game long on the 49ers also. So yet another Conspiracy thwarted. </font></font></font></font>

Good luck Texans, you will need it. 70 passes against a good pass rush and not one offensive holding penaly. Case closed.