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    Re: Brady is just too good

    If we do make it to the superbowl id love for the Giants to play this Patriots team.

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    Re: Brady is just too good

    [quote user="NYfanatic"][quote user="greenca190"][quote user="NYfanatic"][quote user="greenca190"][quote user="NYfanatic"][quote user="greenca190"][quote user="NYfanatic"]Brady is the product of the system (Cassel won 11 games with the same system) and he has 2 great TE's (no one else has that) and a bunch of other weapons.
    Bet you in a few years if Ryan Mallet is the QB after brady is traded/retires then he will be even better.
    Manning's, Brees, Rodgers >>> Brady.


    Who has as many super bowls as him right now? He's been through multiple systems, with multiple different offensive players as his receivers.

    He is the only consistent. He has only missed the playoffs once in his career.

    Crazy. He is the greatest quarterback I might ever see play.[/quote]
    HECK NO. He has had the same coach for his entire life. Isnt like he has a new HC every year.
    If anything the best Qb to ever play the game is Dan Marino, Joe Montana, Jonny Unitas, Peyton Manning soon to be Andrew Luck. They are a class above Brady. There is a reason why the colts went 2-14 without Peyton. Without brady the pats went 11-5. Brady is good but not top ten good. Top twenty? Sure. But he isnt a MVP. Peyton manning would of guided the colts to the playoffs. He is a true MVP Qb.

    Jesus Christ you're obnoxious.

    Tom Brady will be in a different offensive scheme next year (if you want to call having an offensive coordinator you had two years prior different), as well. Bill O'Brien is leaving. Josh McDaniels before that, Charlie Weiss before him...

    How do you take yourself seriously?[/quote]
    He isnt changing schemes that dramatically. Come on now. Do you really think the pats hire/bring up OC's that are completely different to the pats system that Bill B. Runs?

    Bill Belicheck has never been hands on with the offensive play calling for the New England Patriots.

    If you look at how dramatic their offense has changed since their three super bowl wins to now, I will have to say yeah, they have changed their offense.[/quote]
    You seem to know a lot about the pats. Are you a pats fan?

    Ahh, boy.

    You're a joke.

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    Re: Brady is just too good

    I don't know what I'd rather see a rematch with the Pats or a rematch with Ravens? Sure I'd like to get back at the Ravens but ****ting on Tom Bradys face again would be splendid. I will mention though I do not feel at all good about the 49er's do not think I am looking past them.

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