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    Re: Patriots=LOWLIFES!

    [quote user="rainierjef"]jesus i give up. the first thing i said was i don't mind when teams run up the score. i guess its cause i played the sport that punting on 3rd down irks me its like aslap in the face, something to the tune of were just playing around with you now especially when its from the opposing QB the preperation these guys put in all week for this game and yeah they sucked it up and got blown out but i believe in the blow out and when we don't feel like blowing you out anymore we run the ball till you stop us and then we punt. i repeat for anyone else that feels like chiming in and not reading what i originally said ...


    i just don't agree with quick kicking its disrespectful and the smirk by brady after it was smug. i guess until it happens to the team you love its all just whining.

    If you think doing a quick kick is disrespectful to the other team, fine...but that's literally the first time I've ever heard anyone say that a quick kick is disrespectful. I've never once heard anyone talk about it that way. I mean to me it's like saying any random play like a halfback pass is disrespectful. It's just completely random and out of nowhere that someone would think that. I mean if you're not looking to run a play that will get 1st down yardage on 3rd down, and you think your QB is a capable punter, than it makes perfect sense to run the play.

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    Re: Patriots=LOWLIFES!

    How is it disrespectful? They scored 5 TDs in a half. Are they supposed to quit after the first score?

    Brady could've went down and scored again. He did a surprise punt, deal with it.

    Stop being such losers, jesus christ. This is a professional game, played by professionals, who played like amateurs yesterday. They got crushed by a superior team, deal with it. Brady can do whatever he wants.

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    Re: Patriots=LOWLIFES!

    please go back and read my first post on this. this is the last time man ffs. 3rd & 10 run the ****ing ball jesus christ if you want to quick kick do that **** on 4th and whatever or punt the ball. you guys are acting like brady and belechick did that to conserve to show mercy those two who run up scores on everyone don't know the meaning of the word, they were doing to to be *******s to show hey loser we spanked you im just going to punt the ball to you on 3rd down cause i don't feel like killin you anymore. just agree to disagree **** it. like i said if they did it against the giants the tune would be different.

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    Re: Patriots=LOWLIFES!

    [quote user="JMFP2"]

    [quote user="JJC7301"][quote user="gradstang"]the patriots are like the siants. no respect running up ther score on teams- they never win in the end- and oh yeah- rodgers and the packers do the same thing! time for them all to lose!!!!!!!!!![/quote] I've never had a problem with teams putting up points. It's up to the other team to stop them.[/quote]</P>

    I think it depends......the Giants have proved in the past that no lead is safe.* Frankly, I was thrilled with Fewell and Gilbride stayed aggressive against the Falcons.</P>[/quote]

    Ditto on that. You can't give any team any chance to come back. Also, if you play soft then you set yourself up for injuries.

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