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    Report: April 30th "Gaining Traction" As Start Date For 2015 NFL Draft


    Excerpt: "The 2014 NFL Draft was largely a success for the league. Media complaining and Mother's Day weekend conflicts aside, there wasn't too much wrong with the first foray into a May draft. And the ratings certainly didn't disappoint.

    But we might see the 2015 NFL Draft kicking off earlier than this year. According to Sal Paolantonio of ESPN the league is looking at April 30 as a potential start date for next year's draft.

    "One proposal gaining traction is to make the draft one week earlier so it doesn't conflict with Mother's Day next year," Paolantonio said.

    The NFL moved to Mother's Day weekend for the 2014 draft largely because of a conflict on Easter weekend at Radio City Music Hall. Radio City eventually cancelled that conflict (a Rockettes show!) meaning nothing happened in the New York venue during the normal draft weekend." Read more...
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    Awesome! I like it being earlier and I would like them to move it around a bit. I guess everyone loves NYC though.
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    So they opted out of the draft for a rockettes show… a rockettes show! really? I hope the Venue is never at radio city music hall ever again, because that was just down right stupid. IMHO

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    You're damn right. The draft belongs in April.

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    Among all of the cities bidding for the draft, Chicago seems to be the favorite after NYC. Even then, there may be a drop in prospects invited.

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