Hello this is my first post so it may be kind of long sorry about that. But this year I am finally going to a giants game with a friend in November. We are going to the Monday night game against the colts. I'm a giants fan have been since grade 7 ( for about 9 years now) and my friend is a colts fan. Have always wanted to go to a giants game let alone a home one but was always kind of hard with living in Canada. But this year my friend and I were joking about it somewhat about how awesome it would be to attend this Monday night game especially with our teams playing each other and about a week later we decided to go for it and buy tickets and book our trip. So with being to my first giants game I was wondering if anyone could let me know what to expect. I'm extremely excited to be seeing the giants at home but not sure of somethings like when does the stadium open? Also wondering if people would be bothered by us just walking around talking to giant fans while they are tailgating. With being first time we would be probably overtaken by the atmosphere lol. And what time does the parking lot open? Sorry for the long post but if anyone could give any advice or just what to expect that would be great! GO BIG BLUE!