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    First off, huge win today. Can't wait to get revenge on the Niners for that playoff game 9 years ago.

    How about some love for Prince?? He played significant minutes tonight and I don't remember a completion against him. I knew he just needed time to adjust to the speed of the game and get his legs under him. He kind've reminds me of Corey Webster.

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    Re: Prince

    he played fine

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    Re: Prince

    didn't hear his name, so I think he played well

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    Re: Prince

    I thought someone said he was a bust? LOL.

    Fine job by the rookie.

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    Re: Prince

    the secondary was great today. Their mission was to not let up any big plays, they did a great job of it. The Giants mission was to let the short stuff go, and let the D Line get a pass rush going. I cant complain, we played well!

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    Re: Prince

    love it all! He went in to replace Ross for some plays in the 4th and did a good job. Hopefully he'll be here for years in the future.

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    Re: Prince

    Best game by the secondary all year.

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    Re: Prince

    I remember in the game they put Prince on Nelson with single coverage and Rodgers immediately looked his way but nothing was there...

    I think the Giants are starting to use to use him more to his strengths and he's stepping up nicely. That's at least two good games by him in a row....Hope he makes it three.

    How about some Deon Grant love...Guy played a hell of a game.
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