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Thread: 49ers MB

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    Re: 49ers MB

    Hey what's up guys! 9er fan here inviting you to another 49ers forum!!! Check us out!


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    Re: 49ers MB


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    Re: 49ers MB

    [quote user="giantsforce"][quote user="Bigg Bluee"]I really like these guys. They all actually rooted for the giants/like them to an extent. classy for sure. I'm registering there now for some friendly smack talk.[/quote]They were rooting for us because they knew if they had to go to GB they would be done.[/quote]
    This ! And I was rooting for them too , only because playing the Saints in NO is just brutal .
    " Success is never final, but failure can be " B.P.

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    Re: 49ers MB

    [quote user="oldschoolcat"]Bringin' Blue Cheese to the Candlestick![/quote]Blue Cheese has a different definition in California

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    Re: 49ers MB

    [quote user="PGaither84"]I am a 49er fan.

    I would rather watch my team play a home game than go on the road. I would rather host the Giants than go to Green Bay without question.

    I think this Sunday will be a lot of fun, win or lose.

    Even though I am a 49ers fan, I really like that story about the Tuna before he 1991 [1990 season] NFC Championship game. It is said that before leaving for SF, Bill said to the team "Pack heavily, because after we beat the 49ers we are not coming back home, we are going straight to [Super Bowl City] so pack your bags!" Then he pulled out a massive suitcase. I know that is not the exact story, but that's the best I remember it.


    i dont know about your version of the story; however, ive heard when Parcells got the SF for the game, he found out the 49ers had their bags already packed for Tampa before the game was even played.</P>

    Parcells used a lot of that information to further motivate the Giants and it worked. </P>

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    Re: 49ers MB

    Well Giants fans were mostly rooting for the 9ers to knock off the Saints, so both fan bases got their wish. Someone's going to regret it.

    Should be a great game, 49ers / Giants is a classic rivlary, it's great to have it back again. I still remember how horrible I felt after that 2002 playoff game out there.

    The only thing that bothers me about San Fran fans is when they where those panda hats in the stands at Giants games.

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