starting early arent we NYC? :P

guy i really like(for us) is Derrick locke outta kentucky. small speedy and good receiver outta the backfeild. havent seen too many Kentucky games but the couple i have (including the one right now) he has looked promising.

another guy ive been mentioning for awhile vai taua from nevada. guy is great after first contact and while im sure some of his production is attributed to the pistol offense he is still a VERY tough runner. his teamate kaepernick(sp?) is another guy who is interesting to me.

Tyrod taylor is another "project QB" i like. Love his athleticism and even though he has wheels he always keeps his eyes DOWNFEILD, which is rare in a scrambler that young.

Te fleener from stanford is someone i will be keeping an eye out for. Havent seen him on any mock draft boards but after his bowl performance im hoping he is not done with football.

OT barksdale

OG Moffitt

C Barnes

OLB jerimiah hunter and dontay moch (if he goes to a 3-4)