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3 out of the 6 guys I listed on here aslateroundfits for the Giants last year ended up on the team or practice squad

Brian Jackson CB

Nate Collins DT

Jim Cordle OL


I LOVED nate collins coming out, very underrated. surprised he didnt get drafted in the first place, hopefully he does well in jacksonville

[/quote] I called Nate Robinson the best UDF there was... I loved the dude... A sleeper i loved from last yr, James Straks, even sported his picture as my avatar for a bit, just beasted GB to a win in the Playoffs....
[/quote]What a game from James Starks to bad he was hurt most of the year. He could of did some damage with all those injuries. At least he finally got his chance today. They blocked well for him but he had some runs where u could see that he had good vision. Where he picked his way for a few more yards.He has a real good build for a RB, I like those backs that are 6-0 215-225 .