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    Only 6 games EVER at Lambeau? Question

    In Michael Eisen's notes & anecdotes, he says the Giants are 3-3 at Lambeau in the regular season and 2-1 in playoffs, all-time. Considering these franchises have been around since the early 1920s, and in the NFL and NFC, how could they only play 6 games total in Green Bay? or, if you double that, 12 total? I know in the old days the Pack were in the West and Giants in the East, but wouldn't they face each other at least every other year? That would be something like 40 times (80 years) - 20 at each stadium.

    Any old-timers know why the Pack and Giants faced each other so rarely? (Maybe because they were never good at the same time? 1960s Pack great/G-men stunk, 1950s, G-men great/Pack stunk, etc.)

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    Re: Only 6 games EVER at Lambeau? Question

    Lambeau field has only been around since like the 60s.

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    Re: Only 6 games EVER at Lambeau? Question

    Perhaps some of your old timers can help me out. When I was a kid, watching the Giants stink if up against GB,think it was the year they had a tiebreak over us. I could swear they played in Milwaukee at Lombardi Field. Am I crazy? Lambeau seemed new to me. But perhaps they were renovating?

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