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Thread: Eli's Accuracy

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    Eli's Accuracy

    Eli is obviously having a great year. I've always been an Eli fan but recall in years past I've felt his accuracy needed work. It seems to me that his accuracy is vastly improved this year. I'm curious if others feel the same. And how does a pro quarterback improve in that area? It can't just be practice because they all practice. Coaching? Emphasis on proper footwork? Whatever the explanation, he seems much more accurate and that much more dangerous.

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    Re: Eli's Accuracy

    I think part of it is that he's become much more comfortable in the pocket, which lets him focus more on putting a lot into his throws.

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    Re: Eli's Accuracy

    to me it seems he is just making safer throws this year.

    Ive thought he was always pretty accurate, but he would try to force the ball in places he probably should not have.

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    Re: Eli's Accuracy

    I think it has really improved. That ball that sailed on him for an INT to Burnett really reminded me of how infrequent passes like that have become compared to years prior.

    I really think Eli has taken his game to another level, mainly because he has had to be 'the guy', and has succeeded greatly in that role.
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    Re: Eli's Accuracy

    I think it's footwork....to me that's 75% of accuracy

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    Re: Eli's Accuracy

    the game has slowed down for him in the last 3 years.

    Smith's record breaking season was quietly awesome.

    Last year i think his receivers were as much to blame as he was.

    This year, he just sees the field through this offensive system so easily.

    i don't love KG, but its why i'm so happy its TC calling the shots on this guy's future instead of fans.

    i wouldn't change this offensive system unless my life depended on it at this point in Eli's career.

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    Re: Eli's Accuracy

    I think it's him being more comfortable in taking hits/sacks. Most of his bad throws were bc of him throwing off his back foot. I think he knows now he doesn't have to force throws and it's ok to take a sack rather than throw an INT.

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    Re: Eli's Accuracy

    Yes his accuracy has definitely improved.

    His footwork and mechanics are also vastly improved. His ability to move in the pocket and step up or out in all directions is really impressive. He has made some amazing throws and plays this year. Even though Rodgers and Brees are statistically better QBs Eli has something about him that I wouldn't trade for any other QB.

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    Re: Eli's Accuracy

    IMO, Eli is not throwing the ball up for grabs and throwing his receivers open instead of throwing at them...taking sacks and throwing the ball away when no one is open.....

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    Re: Eli's Accuracy

    this: the game has slowed down for him. you could see it yesterday - in the red zone he threw the ball away when nothing was there, and demonstrated great patience on that throw to Manningham - letting him come free instead of forcing it earlier when it would have been tipped (and intercepted with bad luck). he doesn't have the happy feet, and rarely throws off his back foot. Luckily, if we are in a game where we have no other option, he is capable of making those difficult throws, but he doesn't try them unless the situation calls for it.

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