What a run we are having!!!! Anyways, it's always fun to do a mock draft so here is my shot at one. I have us getting an extra 4th for Cofield and a seventh for Boss:

1.) Dont'a Hightower - ILB - Alabama - An absolute beast at MLB for the future. I know a lot of experts say he is a 3-4 prospect but from what I have seen, he would fit in any system. I love Goff but Hightower is an upgrade every way.

2.) Zebrie Sanders - OT - Florida State - Sanders could be our starting RT from day 1 and also has the versatility to play LT if needed. Either way, he fits a need.

3.) Michael Egnew - TE - Missouri - Egnew's numbers dropped this year but he is a very good receiving TE. Not a great in-line blocker but hopefully we can develop him in that aspect. He will give Eli another weapon to play with.

4A.) Coryell Judie - CB - Texas A&M - CB is a need with the possible departures of Ross and Thomas(although I think we will keep 1). Judie was mentioned as a top 2 round guy but had a rough year which will drop him here. He has a lot of potential and could be a starter a few years down the road.

4B.) Juron Criner - WR - Arizona - We grab a guy who I believe will fall due to character concerns and a slower 40 time. But, he is a play maker and I feel we are missing a tall WR that can make plays in the green zone. Barden does not seem to be that guy.

5.) Jake Bequette - DE - Arkansas - A classic motor guy who I am hoping is still available here. He would be a nice rotational guy who I believe will fill the Tollefson role as I feel Tolly will try to grab a starting spot somewhere.

6.) Case Keenum - QB - Houston - At some point, we need to get in and develop a backup for Eli. Keenum would be a good guy for this as he needs some development on the NFL level.

7A.) Moe Petrus - C - UCONN - A developmental center just in case Baas turns out as a bad signing. Petrus is a good technician and could be a starter with some work.

7B.) Bryce Brown - RB - Kansas State - With this extra pick, we are in a position to take a gamble. Brown was once the top RB recruit in the nation but has a questionable work ethic and an attitude. We can try to turn him around and see if we get a gift.

Well, there it is. What do you guys think?