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[quote user="giantyankee1976"]I'm guessing offshoot of the Spike Lee Jets/Giants thread


the Jets were put back in the consciousness of the Boards

that said, it occurred to me 3 things:

1) Metlife Stadium, Giants Stadium Central

2) Cowboys Stadium, Giants Stadium South

3) Lambeau Field, Giants Stadium North

a bit brash but I could care less at this point.
thing is there are times when being a fan of a Team that seemingly
never gets kudos, or respect, can be fun to the point of giddy

t<font size="4">he crime is when others are too sour to allow a "fellow fan" his or her moment of genuine joy.

Joy over what? Making it to a championship game? Isn't that
whatJets' fansdo -- get excited about just making it to a championship


you're too serious man. he's a good dude and just happy that the cross-town rivals got assed out before the dance.

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Candlestick Park to become Giants Stadium West this week?

maybe not, but the 80s resurrected most likely.