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    Coughlin retire if we win SB?

    Anyone think there's a chance TC will go out on top and retire if we win the SB?

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    Re: Coughlin retire if we win SB?

    honestly, if we win, i would want him to retire as a champion....ie;strahan.

    less superbowl threads though please lol. 49ers are going to give us more problems than the pack did.

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    Re: Coughlin retire if we win SB?

    Iwould say yes, but when the Giants made the play-offs this year, it really put an extra spring in his step.....I thought I heard him make a comment along the lines of "no intention of slowing down".

    What I think the Giants need to do is to try and remain co-hesive. When coordinators have success, there's a frenzy to make them HCs. I have never understood the Giants using untested guys. There's no salary cap for the admin staff, is there? Pay these coordinaters to stay around and not have us changing systems.....

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    Re: Coughlin retire if we win SB?

    i freakin' hope not.

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    Re: Coughlin retire if we win SB?

    Well, the Giants have a tradition of winning the Superbowl and losing something special before defending that championship

    1986 - strike killed the season\
    1990 - Parcells and Belicheck left
    2007 - Strahan left

    2012 - Coughlin leaves? Osi - of course

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    Re: Coughlin retire if we win SB?

    Even though they lost in 00-01, re-signing Jason Sehorn to a big deal and losing John Fox were tragedies as well.

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