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Thread: 12-13 Draft Film Room

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    Re: 2012 Draft Film Room

    [quote user="TucknRolle"]Egnew seems to be a solid TE

    Yeah I almost put him as a receiver because he never in line blocks

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    Re: 2012 Draft Film Room

    I added this

    This ones from Alo

    3 games of Coples

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    Re: 2012 Draft Film Room


    Sportzfan this is the game Love grabbed Davis and started shaking him for getting the taunting penalty

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    Re: 2012 Draft Film Room

    [quote user="Redeyejedi"]


    Sportzfan this is the game Love grabbed Davis and started shaking him for getting the taunting penalty
    [/quote] yup, i remember.. That is some great video on Davis, solid looking RB, right there...

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    Re: 2012 Draft Film Room

    [quote user="nycsportzfan"][quote user="Redeyejedi"]


    Donnie Fletcher vs Nevada

    I like it this way better becaue now I can post an update and edit the first page as well. So everytime I add a vid I edit the original post so all the vids are on the first page

    [/quote] Was wondering if u could get any of these guys to this mega awesome list you've accomplished, my freind....

    Delano Howell S Stanford- This kid can flat out play, was all over the place against Notre Dame, and made some big plays against Va Tech in the ORANGE BOWL...

    Montel Harris RB B.College
    - a nice looking back, seems like hes been around forever, not the best pass catcher yet, but whatever, hes a guy i just love... Would love to see MONTEL VS CLEMSON, if u could....

    G.J Kinne QB Tulsa- THinking about us possibly needing a QB for backup duties in next yr's draft, Kinne is a guy i really like, and seen about 3times last yr, kids got a solid arm, makes good decisons, and can run the ball.. A former Longhorn recruit before transfering.. I woulden't mind seeing the S.MISS game again, that game was freaking fun as heck to watch!

    Great suggestion Ive been going through Stanford games the last few days he played great against USC as well. I will probably put together a5 game tape on him. USC,Arizona,Va Tech,ND,Oregon. He makes a game changing play every game Ive put on.

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    Re: 2012 Draft Film Room

    Some WR's before I go back to defense with Devon Stillsand Jake Bequatte

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    Re: 2012 Draft Film Room

    Here u go Sportzfan , This is part 1 . I have another one coming from him with the Arizona,Oregon and VT games. Man he lays out Ronald Johnson at 7.50

    Here is another WR vid as well

    If anyone had any requests please repost them here, thanks

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