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[quote user="juice33s"][quote user="Redeyejedi"][quote user="juice33s"]I like Riley Reiff (LT from Iowa), dude plays with a nasty streak
[/quote]Funny U mention him I started watching himtonight[/quote]
And what do you think? Only real downside is he'll be 24 by next years draft, but from the video I saw he clearly outplayed two 2011 first rounders in JJ watt and Cameron Heyward.

Yeah I was very impressed although it was only 1 game I watched.Im going to look at the Bowl game vs Missouri later.I was much more impressed with Reiff then I was with Martin. Martin has not overly impressed me.I know he was only a Sophomore and he could still get better but he doesnt look to have that elite length U look for either.

Yeah I think Martin might be a tad over rated do to the fact that his super star teammate (Andrew Luck) consistently makes his Olineman look good with his mobility in the pocket.

IMO the most complete package out of the top tackle prospects is Matt Kalil, he's got the size, length and athleticism that you look for in a top 10 pick. Plus the fact that he was able to keep all world athlete Tyron Smith on the right side speaks volumes on the guys skill level.

I havent looked at to much film of the O-lineman so far this year. Im just starting to get into there tapes just now.I will start coming out with a bunch of tapes now. Im going to do Reiff then Mike Adams. Then I might take a look at some of the Top Guards. Im hoping Alo does some of the Olineman because I prefer to do the defensive players.