[quote user="juice33s"]Is it just me or does Bruce Irvin have Von Miller type potential. IF WVU finds a way to get him on the field all 4 downs (shouldn't be too hard) I could see him going as high as top 10
[/quote]Yeah he is supposed to get a heavy increase in snaps this year from what Ive read. He will be a guy to watch for sure. I just dont know how he will hold up when teams start power running at him. Is he going to be able to stand up against a 320 pound pulling Olineman or is he going to be able to hold the point of attackwhen double teamed. WV plays a 3-3-5 as well so it should be interesting to see what there thinking with him. I just cant imagine them liningupa 230lb DE in an odd man front. Some type of hybrid role where he is moved around would seem to make the most sense. He was originally a LB so playing him off the line on running downs would seem to be a good idea