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Thread: 12-13 Draft Film Room

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    Re: 2012 Draft Film Room

    These two Mountaineers look to comprise one of the more exciting duo's in college football.

    Tavon Austin is a lethal slot man/ return man in the making at the next level (wait for the sophomore highlights at the second half of the video, the guys like a human joy stick with some of the best acceleration/ change of direction in the country.

    Geno Smith is a legit quarterback prospect who despite being a gifted runner always seems to look down field first with great pocket awareness and an adequate enough arm.

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    Re: 2012 Draft Film Room

    More Tavon Austin highlights from high school (Just get by the 2:00 dance intro and you'll see some phenomenal display's of athleticism)

    This guys going to be an NFL game breaker
    (looks like a combination of Desean Jackson meets Reggie Bush meets Deangelo Hall)

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    Re: 2012 Draft Film Room

    [quote user="Redeyejedi"]

    <FONT color=#0033cc>Cyrus Gray vs Baylor and Nebraska</FONT></P>


    Quality on the Baylor clip is a little shaky but I did it anyway. It sucks because I have an awesome tape of Montel Harris but the quality is worse than this so I dont know if i should put it up</P>


    In case everybody doesnt know the 6'5" 295pound RT Cyrus is running behind is True Freshman Jake Matthews. The cousin of Clay and Casy Matthews , some genes in the Matthews family.</P>

    Heres the list of Schools Jake was recruited by</P>

    Texas A&amp;m</P>

    Texas Tech</P>




    Oklahoma State</P>



    Stanford </P>


    U think he was in demand, LOL. He was the 7th ranked OT by Rivals. Scout had him as the #1 Interior lineman because he played Center in HS. Rivals compares him to Clint Boiling the early 4th round pick of the Bengals. They say he can play all 5 spots on the line.Keep on eye on him</P>

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    Re: 2012 Draft Film Room

    [quote user="Redeyejedi"]<font color="#0033cc">Cameron Meredith vs Texas A&amp;M 2010</font>[/quote]

    continued thanks []

    you wouldn't happen to have anything on any of the TE's would you? (I've been looking for stuff on the TE's from Clemson and Oregon (Paulson))

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    Re: 2012 Draft Film Room

    These guys aren't draft eligible (All true freshman last season), but exciting talents to keep an eye on non the less.

    Tony Jefferson S Oklahoma- This guy's going to be the real deal and I'd probably take him over every safety from the 2011-2012 drafts. (Oklahoma also had WR kenny Stills, RB Roy Finch and LB Tom Wort giving them perhaps the best freshman class of 2010)
    <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0PyQB7Blxc">
    Keenan Allen WR Cal</a> - Great size, speed, catch radius combination

    Marquees Wilson WR WSU - A bigger more athletic Greg Llyod

    Ronnie Hillman RB SDU - Everybody knows about his freshman counterparts Marcus Lattimore and Michael Dyer but this guy might be the most explosive of the bunch.

    Tyrann Mathieu CB LSU - Plays quick, fast, explosive and much much bigger then his listed 5'9" 180 lb frame

    Marcus Coker RB Iowa - Built like a plow horse at 6'0 230, this true freshmen litterally ran over the Missouri defense to the tune of 219 yards and two touchdowns on his way to being named the MVP of his teams bowl game.....Thats my kind of running back

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    Re: 2012 Draft Film Room

    Notre Dame TE Tyler Eifert
    The 6'6" 245 lb red shirt sophomore might emerge as one of the most complete tight end prospects in the country. He's a big physical athlete with the hands to make plays down the field

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    Re: 2012 Draft Film Room

    [quote user="juice33s"]Notre Dame TE Tyler Eifert
    The 6'6" 245 lb red shirt sophomore might emerge as one of the most complete tight end prospects in the country. He's a big physical athlete with the hands to make plays down the field
    [/quote]Yeah from the games Iv watched he looks pretty dam good. Better receiver then Kyle Rudolph

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    Re: 2012 Draft Film Room

    I know everybody doesnt like Harrison Smith but check out the play he makes at 5.25</P>

    <FONT color=#0033cc>Harrison Smith vs Pitt and Utah</FONT> </P>

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