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I noticed him when watching tape on Nate Irving. he is going to take over at MLB this season


No one liked this guys tape. i thought he looked pretty good

Inconclusive. Looked solid in space and in coverage with fluid change of direction and quickness, but I didn't get chance to see him take on blockers and meet running backs in the hole. However it does look liek he has the size to do so (Looked noticeably bigger then Irving who stands 6'1 240)

NC State bio has him at 6-5, 239. He looks bigger than 240 in that vid (I would've guessed 250 or so)

Based just on that tape, I hope they decide to leave him outside. He does have great hips for a guy his size, very nice quickness (long speed looks a bit suspect though). He does looks good in coverage, and he can also get after the QB. At least from the outside, not so much between the tackles. I think that's mostly a result of his height (he can't seem to get low on the big guys).
[/quote]Yeah he isnt a MLB. I think he could be a 3-4 SOLB or 4-3SOLB