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[quote user="thegreatone"]a guy i wasexcited about after last years stanford bowl game was TE Fleener. any footage of him?

None from 2011 yet. Unless u count that Bowl game as 2011 footage. The ND one has a lot of blocking

Just so U guys know if u check the first page Im trying to update everything as much as possible. Im starting to update the other vid guys I work with vids on that first post as well. Between us I think we have over 125 different 2012 prospects featured in over 250 vids in over 350 games. I havent got all there vids up yet but one of these days I will. All my 2012 vids besides Pead vs Tenn are up I think. Im affiliated with Draftbreakdown and all my vids get updated there as wellas well as Alo's and Marioclps.As well as Mockdrafts that I hate doing this early but its all anyone ever asks me for.

[/quote] Keep up the good work, redeye! By the way, Coby Fleener needs to become a NY GIANT.. That guy can do it all, and has the body for added weight.. What hands, and route running, not to mention, he plays off his blocks very well, and for a TE, runs well, and has pretty good athletiscim... Fleener looks like a 3rd round pick, and a GIANT type pick, as well...