[quote user="Redeyejedi"][quote user="nycsportzfan"][quote user="thegreatone"]I thought Moore is 6'1? If his height is listed correctly then yes he is comparable to all 3 as he is a tad taller than brees and flutie and a tad shorter than Chad. I'm nit like some I don't see a HUGE advantage of 3 inches in height. You can play or you can't and I really feel ge can. His weight is a concern and like you I'd like to see a little more power in his throws but I love this kid as a development for a west coast offense.[/quote]i totally agree/ Hes got the It factor that u can't teach/ Redeye will always be a "specific HT/WT/Strength/Speed" or your not aking it guy LOL I think Kellen has a chance to slip through the cracks and go in RD 5 because people don't want to iss out on a possible future WINNER
[/quote]If I was just taking his height and weight into consideration I wouldnt like Aaron Murray. Moore can not spin the ball. He has no velocity on his throws thats a major problem for a QB in the NFL. Kellen Moore is nothing like Drew Brees or Chad Pennington watch the intermediate throws he has nowhere near the pace on his ball. He also has a rather big hitch in his throw. Wasted motion , no pace on his throws, no mobility, and yes he is extremely undersized.He is not 6'1". He is listed at 6'0 on Boise States site which means he is most likely 5'11. I love how Brees name comes up everytime an undersized QB puts up numbers. Here are some names that are closer to the Truth Colt Brennan, Chase Daniel, Graham Harrel these guys are more like Moores tape but everyone focus on the one guy thatsgreat not the 100's that are out of the NFL without ever taking a regular season snap. Seriously whats more likely Kellen Moore is Drew Brees? or what Im saying and Kellen Moore is Colt Brennan?[/quote]First off u have no idea if his Ht/Wt is less then what it reads because u guys said all that stuff about Earl Thoas and u were dead wrong Kellen is one of the best college QB's of alltiMe and is one of the Most accurate QB's of all tiMe U bring up Brennan and Daniel but what the freak did they ever win? Brennan looked like a idiot against LSU in his big gaMe and Moore has looked God LIke in incredible bowl gaMes against top coMpetiton Your way off on Moore and i bet he gets drafted before the 5th round because hes not your typical sMall QB

Heres what Russ Lande for Pro Scout has to say about Kellen

"He deserves late-third-round draft consideration next April. He shares
some positive qualities with a young Mark Brunell but appears to be more
of a quality backup at the NFL level. He is more accurate in the
underneath and intermediate areas with above average-accuracy downfield.
He is a tough and competitive leader."

I tend to agree I also don't think Daniel or Brennan could hold Kellen's jock strap!! Can't wait to see Kellen shred Va Tech Georgia Oregon twice TCU Utah Oregon St
When is Boise St getting lit up in a huge bowl contest like Brennan??? Its a insult to even put those 2 in a category together